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Real Estate

Mission based investing that creates exceptional places to live, work and play

Restoration and Development

We invest in real estate projects that provide market rate and workplace affordable housing, nonprofit centers, health centers, student housing, and other spaces that serve the common good and allow communities to achieve their full potential.

  • Amenity-rich workspaces and venues for collaboration and events
  • Affordable multi-family housing and rental properties
  • Boutique lodging and wellness centers
rock city centre

Stronger together as a team, smarter together as a team means bigger impact for our partners.

Peggy O.

Making an impact is hard. UpVentures provides an opportunity to make an impact locally, regionally and internationally.

Chris C.

Prospect Street

Gilbert's Mansion Opening December 2025

Monroe Street

510 East Monroe Street Opening Fall 2024

Salisbury Street

31 Salisbury Street

Garden Street

610 Garden Street

Why People Love UpVentures

I've been a member at Rock City Centre for more than a year now, and highly recommend them. For anyone looking for a cost-effective, modern office in the Mohawk Valley, it's unparalleled. Whether you are working remotely like me…

will saxe

Will Saxe

As a remote-working business owner, I needed a resourceful alternative to my home office space. Rock City Centre has provided me the technology, hospitality, and respectful social banter of being in an office while offering an…

Mary Klippel

Mary Klippel, AWMA®, EA

Founder, Maetrix LLC

We look forward to partnering with UpVentures a third time. We value and appreciate their creative vision, high-level of professionalism and strong team approach.

thomas wilson

Thomas C. Wilson

Principal, TW&A Construction Management

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