Right after my firsts posts went up I had a lawyer friend point out I was lacking a legal disclaimer. Not being a fan of such things, it nonetheless prompted me to at least point out that whatever I say on this blog reflects my own musings and no one else’s.
My thoughts are in no way intended to represent TriNet, Upstate Venture Connect, IntroNet,  StartFast or any other company or organization that I am affiliated with. Even if one of these entities were to repost something I write, I’m responsible for what I say – so if I’ve made a mistake, it’s my fault.

And of course don’t ever rely on anything I say to be thought of as legal, financial, accounting, tax, investment or any other kind of regulated advice. I’m certainly not an expert in any of those areas. I’m only an entrepreneur who occasionally writes and mostly spends time trying to help other entrepreneurs be successful so they can create jobs, do cool things and support their community.

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