UpVentures Capital (“UPV”) is a network-driven technology early-stage investor based in Upstate NY. As experienced operators, we view ourselves as a founder-friendly enterprise with two primary outcomes in mind when investing and working with our portfolio companies:

  • Connect portfolio companies to resources they need to be successful.

  • Mentor and coach executive teams as they go through the various stages of
    growth. Topics we love to discuss with entrepreneurs include how to scale up governance, setting appropriate expectations with institutional investors, how to hire and retain the best talent, and finding product-market fit.

With our background rooted in B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise Software, we focus our investing activity primarily in those two areas. At UPV, we look to initially invest in late-Seed to Series A companies with follow-on investments in the highest-performing companies that we are most passionate about and can provide value beyond the capital.

As a network-driven firm, we will invest outside of B2B SaaS and Enterprise Software through a relationship in our UpVentures Investor Network. Examples of these industries include:

  • Cyber Security

  • Electronic Gaming

  • Wearable Technology and IoT

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Clean Tech

  • Healthcare technology

  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments (Only in NYS)

Our location, deep network of relationships and activities throughout Upstate NY makes this area our primary geography for investments. With our increasingly digital world, we will also invest in other second and third-tier emerging tech hubs as well as NY Metro and SIlicon Valley.

The following categories do not meet our investment criteria and we are not in a position to help:
Real estate development outside of NYS and not in a Qualified Opportunity Zone, television or radio programs, film, theater or art productions, and companies domiciled outside of the US. Additionally, we do not fund companies using the 506C exemption or where our investments are subject to a broker/dealer fee.

Almost all of the companies we invest in meet the following criteria:

  • Recurring revenue and capital efficient business model

  • Large addressable market of at least $500 million

  • Product is past the beta stage of development and has active customer participation with
    proven revenue traction. For seed investments, we like to see at least $25,000 MRR.

  • A plausible exit strategy within 5-7 years

  • Founders who have already demonstrated personal qualities of leadership needed to
    sustain through significant challenges encountered in building a company.

What if my company doesn’t fit the UpVentures investment criteria?

The UPV Investor Network includes not only the dozen + fund relationships that we are active as Limited Partner and/or Advisors, but also hundreds of investors in our database. Since these other investors cover a wide range of opportunities that are beyond the categories UPV invests in, entrepreneurs are welcome to complete our company application and should we spot a match, be authorized to pass your information along to other investors in our network.