Fund Relationships

In addition to my individually selected portfolio, I am a Limited Partner in several seed and venture capital funds, some of which I helped start or serve in an advisory capacity. I find that participating across a range of smaller funds helps me see a variety of investor decision filters, get visibility to quality deal flow and also tap into an extended network of relationships that are beneficial to the companies I am helping.

I’ve listed these individual fund relationships below with the intent of being able to serve as a reference for prospective investors or entrepreneurs who might be assessing one or more of these groups to work with.

StartFast Venture Accelerator StartFast Venture Accelerator
Angel Round Capital Fund Angel Round Capital Fund
Eastern NY Angels Eastern NY Angels
Buffalo Angels Buffalo Angels
Armory Square Ventures Armory Square Ventures
Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners
Cayuga Venture Fund
  Pine Street Capital
Ridgewood Capital Ridgewood Capital
FG Angels FG Angels
NextGen Ventures
Golden Seeds
Rochester Angel Fund
645 Ventures
Hudson Valley Startup Fund
Kiwi Venture Partners


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